Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit

The acronym HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. Using a low boiling point and temperatures below freezing, they extract the terpenes and THCA to their purest form. The terpenes form a very tasty sauce. The Rockstar, Ghost Train, Death Bubba, and White Widow strains are all available in this Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit. Each pen has about 180 draws of high-quality cannabis oil in it. 



Rockstar, Ghost Train Haze, Death Bubba, White Widow

Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit Product Description


Dosage and Directions:

Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit comes recharged and ready to use. To use it, place the device to your lips and steadily inhale for 2 seconds before exhaling. Use the USB charger to charge the device for 45 minutes once the CBD oil in the glass window has depleted to half of the light sensor blinks when drawing.

To begin with Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit, we recommend using this cannabis vape pen 2 to 3 times a day, up to twice a day for all cannabis vape pen consumers. Longer inhalations result in hotter vapors. As a result, we recommend no more than 2 to 3 seconds for every draw. The recommended dosage is only a starting point. You can practice with the device once you’ve become familiar with it to discover the correct dosage for you.



The HTFSE makes both brain and body high. It is mainly used for treating illnesses, such as depression, chronic pains, inflammations, lack of appetite, and nausea. It has both relaxing and uplifting energizing effects. With its airy, light aroma, it gives you a happy pleasant high.

HTFSE Vape Best Benefits:

Vapes are the most straightforward means to use cannabis, specifically the Sweet Leaf HTFSE Sauce Vape Kit. Drawing cannabis through a vape is easy and usually doesn’t include weed smell and taste.

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Rockstar, Ghost Train Haze, Death Bubba, White Widow


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