Plain Jane Distillate Pens (1/2g)

Plain Jane Club Flavoured 90% THC Disposable Vapes is finally here! These wildly popular Pens are of the highest quality and contain zero PG/VG/MCT/Vitamin E. They contain only pure extracts and natural terpenes.

No other diluents or cutting agents! Plain Jane Club Pens also have a convenient USB-Micro charging port under the end cap if they ever run out of power before your tank is empty.



Plain Jane Distillate Pens(1/2g)

The Plain Jane Distillate Pens are disposable vape pens made of the highest quality natural products and contain zero PG/VG/MCT/Vitamin E. Only the highest-grade cannabis derivatives are used to produce the Plain Jane Distillate Pens.

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 The Plain Jane Distillate Pen comes with no harmful additives and is packed with a potent punch of 90% THC. It offers an intense high, which takes effect quickly.

 It is designed with the health of the user in mind. It contains no dilutants or cutting agents. The vape is made of all pure extracts and natural terpenes. It is available in many flavours and strains, which taste great. 

Plain Jane Distillate Pens

The Plain Jane Distillate Pens come with a convenient micro USB charging port under the end cap to help you recharge the battery if the power runs out before the tank is empty. However, the charging cord is not included in the pack. 

The Plain Jane Distillate Pen is straightforward to use and has no frills around it. Take out the pen from its packaging. Locate and press the activation button until the indicator light turns on. Put the mouthpiece to your mouth and take a short inhale. Exhale and release the vapour into the air. Please do not put it upside down to avoid the liquid from flowing out of the pen. 

Vaping Made Convenient 

The Plain Jane Distillate Pen is a good option for people who want to vape in a simple way without dealing with the entire kit. It is convenient for vaping the whole day as it is small in size and can fit in a purse or a back pocket. It is an affordable low-cost method to try out vaping. It does not emit any foul smell associated with cannabis. 

The Plain Jane Distillate Pen can be used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. It gives a mental boost and a sense of euphoria and a feeling of relaxation and easing stress and anxiety in the user. Its use has been linked with increased creativity and cognitive function. The use of the vape has also been linked with an improvement in the performance of athletes. 

Plain Jane Distillate Pens & Lungs

Unlike smoking cigarettes, Plain Jane Distillate Pen cannot cause harm to your lungs. It helps in increasing the capacity of the lungs. It reduces the exposure of the lungs to toxic particles you inhale when you smoke. 

With the known impacts of using cannabis on insulin and blood pressure, Plain Jane Distillate Pen can be helpful in preventing diabetes and high blood pressure in the user. It is ideal for patients with depression, migraines, and people suffering from chronic pains because of arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

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The use of Plain Jane Distillate Pen is a safer alternative for alcoholism, and opioid dependence can also be treated with its use. It can also be used to treat insomnia and provide comfort by improving mood. Order your vape pens right here with Order Weed Online!


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