OWO WELCOME PACK (Prohibition Farms)(free shipping) $55 for new users

OWO Welcome Pack includes 6g of AAAA quality flowers of Prohibition Farms and all the accessories you need to have a great smoking experience. A great grinder, rollies, and a tray to roll the joints create other package items. Since OWO offers free shipping on this bundle, you can purchase it along with other products to enjoy free shipping.

  • 6G of AAAA Flower (Prohibition Farms)
  • OWO Grinder
  • OWO Tray
  • OWO Rollies
  • OWO Stickers

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OWO WELCOME PACK Product Description


Items of the package in detail:


OWO Welcome Pack’s flowers are chosen among the popular AAAA quality strains of Prohibition Farms. Ordering this pack is a great way to try OWO’s strains and quality. You can try 6g of premium flowers at a very reasonable price.

OWO Grinder:

According to our consumers, OWO’s grinder is amongst the best grinders. Since it is a big grinder, it lets you crush flowers with large buds or large amounts of flowers. Grinding large amounts of flowers in small grinders can be challenging.

OWO Rollies:

OWO’s welcome pack includes high-quality rollies that let you enjoy the flowers you’ve grounded

OWO Tray:

Our welcome pack includes a tray to ease the rolling process for you. You can easily store this tray anywhere due to its suitable size. 

2 reviews for OWO WELCOME PACK (Prohibition Farms)(free shipping) $55 for new users

  1. Justin Brabant

    The best, most affordable welcome package I’ve ever came across. Definitely recommend 100%

  2. Vincentp76

    Id highly recommend as well. Great flowers, solid grinder and honestly, love the papers. Stick everytime, roll well, love it!

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