Wedding Pie (AAAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Prohibition Farms)

Wedding Pie is a hybrid with an Indica tendency created by crossing Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. It has a sweet, lemony, and gassy fragrance that is symbolic of a fruity dessert. This strain will instantly set your mind at ease as you enjoy the relaxing high and elevated production that makes this strain so popular. Prohibition Farm is the breeder of Wedding Pie.



3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

Wedding Pie Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

Wedding Pie is a moderately Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60 percent Indica, 40% Sativa) produced by crossing the great Wedding Cake and Grape Pie strains. Spade-shaped flat olive green buds with dark orange hairs, attractive tones, and icy amber crystal trichomes cover this bud.


Aroma and Taste:

Wedding Pie is claimed to be unrivaled in terms of very sweet flavor. Every sip of this flower has a sweet grape and cherry flavor with traces of creamy bread and subtle spices. The scent becomes more robust, with a dense herbal undertone highlighted by sour berries and sour grapes.


Medical benefits and Effects:

The Wedding Pie high is as distinct as the flavor, with full effects that affect the mind and the body with varying degrees of intensity. The "high" starts with a gentle tingle that quickly floods through your head and fills it with a heavy buzz that is wonderfully lazy and relaxing. Then follows a wave of physical serenity that sweeps over your body, leaving you completely relaxed and utterly couch-bound. This strain is commonly considered to be ideal for treating chronic pain, inflammation, spasms, insomnia, and headaches or migraines due to these strong effects and its exceptionally high (20-22 percent) average THC potency.


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for Wedding Pie (AAAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Prohibition Farms)

  1. MCDaddy

    Nose: The nose was very cakey with some grape tones. It was also very sweet with a baking spiciness, a bit of flowery gas, and a hint of mint. The smell was very appealing!
    Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was good, and it was a tiny bit sticky.
    Taste: I got the cake flavour the most and some of the sweet gas. The taste was also very pungent.
    Burn: The burn was awesome! The ash was super light, and it was a nice clean smoke.
    Potency/Effects: It had a good punch to it, and I could feel it build up right away. It was relaxing overall but with a bit of pep in my head. It hit very well, and it kept on getting heavier throughout the joint. It would be good for chilling out during the day or night. I really enjoyed it.
    Overall score – 9.5/10

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