OG Bobby Johnson (AAAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

OG Bobby Johnson or Bobby Johnson, also known as OG Bobby, is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid marijuana strain with 70% or 80% India and AAAA grade that is a child of Pre-98 Bubba and Ghostrider OG.



OG Bobby Johnson Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

The buds of the OG Bobby Johnson strain have fat and fuzzy nugs with a shape of spade and a dark olive green color alongside many dark amber hairs that are decorated with small amber-hued crystal trichomes.

Aroma and Taste:

These buds have a very vinegary and skunky pungent flavor and with each toke, the flavor increases. You can expect the same stats for the aroma. This aroma with a spicy herbaceous impact gets more active as you smoke the nugs more and more.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

OG Bobby is well known for its instantly hitting head buzz and long-lasting effects. It is a great choice for times when someone wants to really gets relax. after 1 or 2 hits, you'll be banged hard which leaves you completely vague. Bobby Johnson has a 20% average THC level and because of that, it is the best choice to treat conditions such as chronic stress, appetite loss or nausea, depression, and headaches or migraines. With this strain, almost as soon as you exhale, you will feel hazy for hours.


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