Nuken (AA) – Indica

Nuken is a cannabis strain generated in Canada by crossing Shishkaberry with God Bod. It has a pleasant, earthy perfume of fresh herbs and grass that has calming properties. This strain usually leaves you high yet functional enough to enjoy activities and social engagements with friends.




Nuken Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

Large dense, light minty nugs with a fine layer of dark olive green leaves and thin glowing orange hairs characterize Nuken buds. Each nug is covered in a thin layer of crystal trichomes and flows with rich, sticky resin.


Aroma and Taste:

This potent bud has a pleasantly tempting aroma and flavor, with a medium THC dosage of 13-25 percent. Nuken has a sweet vanilla smell with a tinge of harsh skunk, and the taste is similar to a home-baked marshmallow dessert with a hint of kush on exhale. 


Medical Benefits and Effects:

The Nuken high is defined by a lengthy, pleasant buzz that is neither soothing nor euphoric in style. A body buzz will begin in your spine and gradually travel through your body, relieving you of any pain. This is accompanied by intense meditation, which might make you feel detached and spacey. It is considered to be ideal for treating illnesses including chronic pain, mild depression, and continuous stress or anxiety because of its potent effects.



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