Yoda OG (AAA) – Indica

Yoda OG is a family of the OG Kush. Yoda OG is an Indica-dominant strain and it has a powerful effect on the relaxation of the soul and body. This strain has sedating and euphoric effects that make it the best choice for anxiety and insomnia. Yoda OG also has a tangible effect on appetite. This strain is heavy for consumption during the day and it’s the main option for nighttime.



Yoda OG is the main strain for many people and they buy this strain regularly. For them, this is the strain. This strain is what comes to mind when people talk about top-shelf. This strain hits heavy and it’s the main option for nighttime.

Some people say with Yoda OG, Couch lock is inevitable, but not necessarily snoozed.

It is very effective pain relief. The aroma is very strong with Yoda OG. Earthy and woody, it will fill your car with that trademark OG Kush dank on your way home from the dispensary.

Pain killing is the noted effect of this strain. Use it, and pain and anxiety go away almost immediately and leaves your head feeling relaxed. Remember, it is a great option for nighttime.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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