Purple Kush (AAA) – Indica

Purple Kush strain is a 100% pure Indica strain that is a combination of two famous and insane strains known as Purple Afghani and Hindu kush strains.



Purple Kush AAA (Indica)

The THC level of this AAA potent strain is approximately 22% that is considered as the average. This strain gives the slow and relaxing full-body stone with 100% Indica genetics. 

Aroma and Appearance

This Indica strain gives the incredibly aesthetic appeal to the consumers that delights their noses and taste buds. The physical appearance of these AAA buds is very different from the other marijuana strains present in the world. The purple kush strain has popcorn medium-sized flowers that have a very dense structure. You will feel overwhelmed by the sweet essence of this strain as soon as you open the jar. Its appearance is the most well-known feature aside from its smell and taste. This strain shows the vibrant coloration that ranges from pink, purples, and reds sparkle and glows. 

Effects of Purple Kush

The effects of this strain are very intense that it can cause your world upside down. The consumer can activates and stimulates the mind far beyond the conscious level and can completely get rid of all the body stressors. This strain should not leave you in paranoid or anxious situations as it has the highest ability to release stress and relax your body. 

These amazing buds will leave you giggling and happy aside from the incredible effects of giving relaxation. Most of the pure Indica strain lacks body loosening and mental clarity properties but purple kush strain delivers all these killer combinations to the consumers. The calming effects of this strain are mostly appreciated by smokers. 

Medicinal Benefits of Purple Kush

Apart from all the above effects, this unique strain is also beneficial for the medical conditions that treat various serious situations. Purple kush may be helpful if you are experiencing insomnia, lack of appetite, or nausea.  Furthermore, this strain is also helpful to heal anxiety, stress, depression, and a lot of other mental health issues. Purple kush strain is also powerful to release the effects of chronic pain. 

There are not many side effects linked to the consumption of this amazing strain because it’s not a Sativa-influenced marijuana strain. Mostly,  consumers reported having the symptoms of cottonmouth right after using it. It is highly recommended to have plenty of water right after the consumption of this strain as it will help your mouth to start producing adequate saliva in some time. 

General Information

Effects: Euphoria, relaxing, hungry, sleepy, relaxing

Medical benefits: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, stress, PTSD, stress, migraines, anxiety. 

Flavours: Berry, Grape, sweet

Aromas: Grape, Pungent, Earthy, Sweet. 



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