Purple Gas (AAA) – Indica

Purple Gas Indica strain is dominant between Gas Mask and Purple Kush. This Indica has a sweet, grape, and diesel flavour with a pungent grassy smell.



Purple Gas AAA (Indica)

It provides you with a heavy taste that leaves you coughing. This is a hybrid seed with a THC of 16%--22%.

Purple Gas: A Beautiful Strain

Purple Gas is a strain that is effectively conspicuous by its beautiful buds and distinct smell. The developed chunks of Purple Gas are canvassed in shades of purples and profound greens with amber-toned pistils. At the point when you take a sniff of this strain, its fuel-like fragrance emits traces of sweet lavender and grape that match its tones. 

Purple Gas strain is known for its solid, enduring high, and it is normally suggested for treating certain types of muscle torment, tension, stress, queasiness, dozing, and dietary issues.

Be Careful!

Beginners should be aware of the portion to try not to overpower cough-lock and sedation. This marijuana strain is useful for the evening and late-night therapeutic and sporting use because of its narcotic properties. It's not weakening from the start, yet the strain welcomes on slow unwinding that is certain to put down practically any toker in the end. Expect a hefty, mind-desensitizing cerebral impression that vanishes pressure as it sinks into the limbs.

Medicinal Benefits

Medicinally, it is utilized as a torment reliever, and to treat melancholy and suspicion. The results in the wake of smoking this are pleasant, the body buzz giving you a smooth inclination, just as dealing with minor agonies, and afterward, you get a hit of lethargy. All things considered, this is a decent, full-bodied adjusted weed.

Purple Gas Indica is the posterity of Purple Kush, which is a pure Indica. That implies Purple Kush has a Sativa/Indica proportion of generally 0:100. THC can be very amassed in this strain, with the greatest levels surpassing 21%. CBD substances, meanwhile, are a lot lower than 1%, so this strain shouldn't be utilized to treat epilepsy or different conditions that require CBD. 

The High Of Purple Gas

The body high is profoundly quieting and unwinding and can be useful in treating uneasiness, muscle fits, and torment. Purple Gas Indica has an aftertaste like pine, with a solid woody flavour. It smells gritty and fragrant, similar to pine needles. Results aren't broadly announced, however dry mouth is commonly the most probable, alongside dry eyes and suspicion. 

Regardless of its famous legacy, this strain is moderately dark. It might once in a while show up on the underground market, however is more probable found on the lawful clinical market in California. Its absence of prevalence misrepresents its power, which can be sufficient to thump back even experienced clients. Patients searching for an extreme body high should check this strain out, if they can discover it.


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1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)


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