Black Diamond (AA) – Indica

Black Diamond comes from Northern California and it is an Indica marijuana strain. It is a good option for people who need serious medication but still wants to be active. Black Diamond’s parents are Blackberry and Diamond OG. aroma is musky and earthy in this strain. If you want a strain for hanging out or watching TV shows, this is the best choice. It makes you hungry, so it is a good choice for people looking to enhance their appetite.



Black Diamond buds have long and thin orange-colored hairs. The aroma is earthy and musky and a little near to red wine. If you sniff up closer, Black Diamond smells highly pungent. The taste is very close to a strong Indica strain. If you want to use this highly sedative strain, it is better to use it for nighttime. Black Diamond is goof for alleviating pains, muscle spasms, nausea, and anxiety. If you suffer from loss of appetite, you can use this Indica marijuana strain, because It causes hunger.
Some people use it last night for relaxing. Whit Black Diamond, everything is light, smooth, and fun. It makes you feel safe and secure without any paranoia or negative thoughts. After an hour later, if you want to do something, you see you are high still.



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