Ugly Unicorn (AAAA+) – Indica

Ugly unicorn AAAA is an Indica marijuana strain that has many calming features. This strain is famous because it caused hunger. Also, Consumers use it for its mood-changing effects. beginners who seek a nice experience can smoke Ugly unicorn. Most users choose this strain for its flavor and taste.



Ugly Unicorn


Appearance & Trichomes:

The buds of the Ugly Unicorn strain have big and stretched leaves. The color of the buds is so dark that we hardly can say it is green. These dark green buds are very dense and sparkly.

Taste & Aroma:

The aroma in this strain is a little different. Blueberry and melon are the main aromas of this strain with a little gassy. Also, it has an unusual taste of cheesecake. The cheesecake taste is not a usual aroma in marijuana strains. This unique aroma of Ugly Unicorn makes it a pleasant feast for entertaining and consumers use it mostly for its aroma.

Medical Benefits & Effects:

First of all, it is a stress killer. The unusual aroma and taste have a certain effect on consumer's function. Even in some conditions, patients use this strain's smell for reaching a happy and comfortable feeling.

If you have hunger issues, you can manage it by using this strain. The number of strains that make you hungry, not much; but Ugly unicorn really makes you hungry. It's a famous appetizer at parties. Beginner consumers reported that using this strain for the first time is a unique experience and if anyone uses it, it will be the first choice since then.

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