Stinky Pinky (AAAA) – Hybrid

Stinky pinky is an Indica marijuana strain with an AAAA Grade and a natural smell that might be annoying for first-time users but you just need to give it a try and then it will be your favorite strain. This skunk strain is the best option for being a party snack and using at large parties. 



Stinky Pinky Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

The color of the buds of Stinky Pinky is pink, as its name shows. The shape of the buds is like other regular buds and also the buds have a dense structure that does not have much branching in it. The pistols have a pinkish color and this pinkish tone is the main source of the pink color and if you see a pink color on the buds, it's because of this pinkish hue. 

Aroma and Taste:

Don't expect a great smell from this strain, but it has a much better taste. The smell of this strain is a Hashy smell. The reason for the original flavor of this strain is the good yield and mold resistance that help Stinky Pinky to keep its original and special flavor. Even though this strain has no unique aroma or smell, however, it has really good taste. This great taste and the power of giving relief to the body is the reason for the popularity of this strain. This is not the only strain with the natural and original taste but it is different in terms of taste.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

Stinky Pinky is here to give relaxation after a stressful workday. You can count on it for medical conditions like stress and depression and chronic pain problems. 


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