Stinky Pinky (AAAA) – Hybrid



Stinky Pinky AAAA

Stinky pinky is the California skunk strain which seeds were first discovered in 1997. This pink strain is easy to grow in Australia and New Zealand. With time, the concentration of both CBD and THC content has been increased in this strain, making stinky pink more vigorous than ever.

Stinky pinky is an Indica strain with smelling buds that are pink in color, as evident in its name. The smell of this strain is not so great, but it has a good taste. This strain is a great party snack and large gatherings.

Aroma, Smell, and Composition of Stinky Pinky AAAA

The shape of stinky pinky is like every other strain. This strain develops dense and hashy-smelling buds whose pistols are pinkish in color. This pinkish hue gives pink color to this strain which many people found unique.

This strain has not much branching in its structure, which makes this strain good for tightly packed SOG situations. Good yield and mold resistance help this strain to maintain its original unique flavor. This strain is mostly cultivated in the outback of Australia, both indoors and outdoors. 

According to its name, stinky, this strain doesn’t smell good. It has no unique aroma or smell. However, the taste of this strain is quite good. Often people wonder how a stinky strain taste so delicious. 

Medicinal Use of Stinky Pinky

People prefer this strain because of its taste and ability to provide relief. There are many strains with natural tastes, but stinky pinky is different in terms of taste. People started buying this strain more often because it gives you a high, which is pure bliss and relaxing.

If you are having a stressful day at work, you can have a stinky pinky to relieve your stress. If you ignore the stinky smell and smoke of this strain, you feel comfortable and relaxed.

This strain is also used in many medical conditions, such as to relieve stress and depression. If you are having chronic pain issues, you can also use this strain.  If you are a first-time user, you might find its smell irritating, but once you give it a try, you will prefer to use this strain instead of others. 

If you also feel any stress and exhaustion after a long day, give stinky pinky a try. This strain can be available in many online and walk-in stores and delivered to your doorstep within 4-5 days.

Order From Online Dispensary

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