Rock Star Tuna (AAA) – Hybrid



Rock Star Tuna AAA

Rock star tuna is also known as Tuna Kush. It is a new strain that is recently becoming popular among people. This strain is a cross between the heavyweight tuna Kush and the classic rock star. It is known for its properties like high potency and intense high.

This unique strain is a hybrid strain with high taste and appearance similar to Indica lineage. This strain originates from British Columbia, and then this strain makes its way to North America. 

This strain is becoming popular with each passing day due to its amazing properties. If you are looking for a knockout strain, then the tuna will be your best choice. People prefer this strain in evening parties and special occasions. If you are a strain user, then you must give rock star a try. It will become your favorite strain after one try due to its effects. 

Aroma, Smell, and Composition of Rock Star Tuna AAA

This amazing strain has buds that have long leaves with a mixture of dark forest and green shades. With an attractive appearance, the buds have a wonderful fragrance. The buds are clean, fresh, and have skunky undertones. These buds require special care and expert skill in their growing phases.

When you smoke it, it produces heavy, thick smoke and has a unique and amazing flavor. It has a skunky and earthy taste which quickly tells you it’s a Kush. After smoking, it leaves a clean and spicy after taste for hours.

Smell And Flavor

This strain is a combination of hybrid and an Indica, which is evident in its smell and flavor. The rock star tuna will provide you with dreamy and euphoric feelings for which Kush strains are known for. It takes few minutes to affect you and ease your stress and anxiety.

This strain can take you into a dream-like high state, which is rich and comfortable. The burnout of rock star tuna is light and pleasant. You can remain in a euphoria state for a long time and feel happy and relaxed.

Medicinal Purpose of Rock Star Tuna

This Rocking strain also has many medicinal purposes. This strain is effective in managing any pain, nausea, and other physical ailments. The strong high effect of this strain can help a patient in lowering his discomfort and pain. The light burnout of this strain leaves the motor function and memory in good form after using it.

If you are a first-time user, this strain may be intense to you, but you will get hooked to this strain after some time. Now, this strain is rare, but its popularity is increasing. It is not easily available in the market, but you can buy it from Orderweedonline.

Order Weed Online

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