Island Pink Kush (AAAA) – Hybrid



Island Pink Kush AAAA

Island Pink Kush is commonly known as Island Pink. It is an Indica dominant strain with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 80 to 20. It is a hybrid created by crossing Pink Kush with another unknown Indica hybrid strain. It has a high THC ranging between 24-27%. 

Island Pink is a good smoke for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It induces relaxation and gives a boost to your creativity. Its use leaves you feeling happy and sociable, and as the high intensifies, the body gives in to relaxation. 


Flavour, Aroma, and Appearance 

This strain of marijuana is mostly known for its gorgeous appearance. The buds have neon green airy spade-shaped nuggets with hot pink hair and a coating of frosty sandy white crystal trichrome. The aroma is a mixture of a gassy pungent skunky smell that contains fruity, sweet vanilla aroma in clean tones. 

Even though the smoke is thin, it is heavy with flavour. Unlike other strains, there is no clear initial flavour or an aftertaste. The flavour is at once both earthy skunk and spicy but also sweet vanilla candy flavour. The combination of flavours does not irritate the throat and leaves a flowery, earthy taste lingering in the mouth. 


Island Pink Kush: Type of High

Island Pink Kush is a fast-acting and intense strain. The high starts at the back of the ears and spreads to the rest of the body. Both the body and mind start experiencing the effects of the smoke immediately. The thoughts become sharper and faster, resulting in a creative rush, and the body starts to feel become weighed down. The passive physical effects start to creep into the mind as well, after a while. As a result, thoughts and emotions become stretched out. 


Medical Benefits

Medically this strain should only be used for people who have ample cannabis experience since even a small amount can create an intense buzz. As a result of a very high THC, it can manage chronic pain in cancer patients. It can also help such patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 

This strain can be an effective treatment for insomnia, stress, and depression. This strain induces hunger and thus can be used for the treatment of patients complaining about a loss of appetite. Other medical uses include treatment of arthritis, inflammation, and nausea.


Possible side effects of Island Pink Kush

The use of Island Pink Kush can result in extreme cottonmouth, dry and itchy eyes in new smokers. These side effects will fade away on their own with usage. Sometimes, the strain might leave you feeling dizzy, paranoid, and anxious. This strain is only recommended for those with a high tolerance level for cannabis. 


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