Green Crack (AAA) – Sativa

Green crack is a pure Sativa cannabis strain that is a child of Skunk number one and its fame is mostly for its energizing effects. It is one of the best options for use in the daytime and people use it quite often for mood boosts. Smokers also call this strain Green Cush or just Cush. 



1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

Green Crack Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

Green Crack strain with a distinct lime green color with green and big dense buds is made by crossing Skunk and an unknown Indica strain. 

Aroma and Taste:

The flavor of this strain is fruity and it is a mixture of tangy, fruity mangoes. Overall, Green crack has a very sweet flavor of many fruits such as pine, citrus, mangoes, and lemon with an aroma that includes tropical and citrus notes. Many consume use this strain because of its fruity and tropical flavor.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

There are few strains that can give energy to the user and keep the user sharp, although using this strain can create a mental mood that keeps the user active. Also, it can help you to control the conditions like depression and stress along with PTSD and migraines because this strain is a daytime remedy for stress and anxiety issues. Some of the side effects of using this strain are dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia.

Additional information


1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)


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