GMO (AAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Prohibition Farms)

This hybrid strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains in recent years. Even experienced smokers claim they’ve never had a high like GMO. The breed has almost as many nicknames as it does fame. This strain is also known as Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies.



3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

GMO Product Description




Appearance and Trichomes:

GMO's appearance is odd for an Indica-dominant hybrid, as it resembles a Sativa. The pepper-shaped buds are narrow, long, and thin. The tones are a lovely mix of olive green and purple, with a snowy layer of white trichomes and many orange hairs making their way all across nugs.


Aroma and Taste:

In terms of flavor, GMO offers a sweet and earthy flavor to the first inhale, which is pleasant but ordinary. It's on the exhale that this smoking adventure shows off. It's all garlic, like the prettiest garlic bread you've ever seen. The mouth is also joined by a somewhat spicy, curry-like flavor, giving a unique and wonderful experience. The aroma profile released by grinding the buds makes the name Garlic Cookies make a lot of sense. It has a fragrance comparable to garlic combined with decomposing coffee grounds and fruit when crushed. 


Medical Benefits and Effects:

Because GMO is such a high-THC strain, any medicinal advantages are derived from its euphoric qualities. This skunk is recognized for its power, and it has a lot of effects. Users claim to be relatively calm and joyful after using the product. This hybrid strain produces intense feelings of euphoria and has an overall uplifting effect. If you keep smoking, this serenity can turn into sleep. Stress, depression, and anxiety may be decreased as a result of the potential medicinal advantages. Some people utilize this strain for pain because of the significant benefits it has on your general mood. It completely distracts your attention away from the pain.


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for GMO (AAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Prohibition Farms)

  1. MCDaddy

    Nose: The nose was very spicy and musky with a garlic and cookies in behind. I also got some sour fruit smell. It was very pungent.
    Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was ok, and it was not sticky.
    Taste: I got a lot of the garlic spice and an herbal taste as well. It was also a bit earthy and woody and eggy. The taste was also quite pungent and spicy.
    Burn: The burn was good! The ash was a bit salt and peppery but it didn’t want to go out on me.
    Potency/Effects: It had a little bit of a punch to it and a good overall buzz. It didn’t totally take me out, but I got a really buzzy head and a bit of energy in my body. It put me in a chill vibe. The potency was great and overall it was awesome for a AAA!
    Overall score – 9.3/10

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