Coma AAAA (LSO) -Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Coma LSO Hybrid strain is an Indica dominant Hybrid believed to be born by crossing OG Kush and a strain with mysterious lineage. Using this strain will leave you feeling relaxed and sedated.



Coma LSO Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

This bud has the same dense, sticky look and, piney-shape as OG Kush. The buds are medium, not too dense and you can pull them apart easily.

Aroma and Taste:

This Hybrid LSO marijuana strain comes with a unique terpene profile and a mixed aroma. The aroma mixed with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. Reports say that the smell is like lemon, pine and, fuel.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

Coma's fame is for powerful buzz and its long-lasting effects that are suitable for nighttime and get heavy quickly. When you feel the first great hit, it means the high is started, and then it settles into the head at the first and boosts you to a euphoric state. You can use this strain for managing medical conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and nausea.

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  1. Prathamesh

    Very good product thank you so much

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