Citrique (AA) – Hybrid

This strain has a floral scent as well as a citrus flavor. Citrique is a Sativa-dominant strain that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed while remaining relaxed and pleased. This flower is a sure-fire hit with patients who want a lot of flavors. Notes of acidic lime and terpy lemon can be expected. The oils on these blossoms are glistening.




3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

Citrique Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

Critique buds have a coating of golden amber crystal trichomes and fluffy grape-shaped vivid neon green nugs with vibrant orange hairs.


Aroma and Taste:

With a thick spicy herbal exhale, Citrique has a pleasant lemony pine flavor. When the buds are broken and smoked, the odor is earthy and skunky with a sour pine hint that turns spicy and herbal.


Medical Benefits  and Effects:

The Critique high is one for the generations, with iconic qualities that affect both mind and body and a high potency level thanks to its typical THC dosage of 22-25 percent. At the start of the high, you'll feel a rush of creative exhilaration, which will quickly give way to a deep sense of rest. Your body will begin to reflect your mental state, leaving you completely couch-locked and relaxed but ecstatic. Critique is claimed to be ideal for treating a range of illnesses, including chronic pain, depression,  anxiety, and spasms or inflammations, thanks to these properties and its extremely high THC content.


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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