Twisted Extracts Gift Box (Jelly Bombs and Cara-Melts)

Are you looking for an exciting brand new gift for your friend? 

This Gift Box includes two types of popular and delicious edible cannabis and is an excellent gift for your friend; a great idea for enjoying edible cannabis with friends at parties.


Twisted Extracts Gift Box Product Description


About Cara-Melts in the Twisted Extracts Gift Box:

A flavor that combines cannabis and caramel sounds like a match made in heaven! After a hard day, Twisted Extracts Cara Melts are a fantastic alternative for individuals seeking relaxation and relief. The combination of caramel and cannabis helps you reap the advantages of cannabis while also appreciating the taste of caramel. Its great packaging provides you with an easy sweet cannabis experience.


About Jelly Bombs in the Twisted Extracts Gift Box:

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs are beneficial for pain, hunger, stress, and relief. They have cheering and energetic properties, as well as the ability to boost imagination. Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs will bring happiness, high, and creativity. They are also a fantastic alternative for pain relief due to the CBD ingredient. (For instance, headaches, backaches, and so on.)

Sativa Jelly Bombs will transfer you to your happy place, wherever that is. They're great for many things, including boosting creativity, unwinding after a long day, and reuniting childhood memories.


Dosage and effects:

Both Cara-Melts and Jelly Bombs come in 10 mg portions. Veteran cannabis consumers are welcome to enjoy one piece per consumption. However, we recommend using 5 or 2.5 mg for novice consumers by cutting the Cara-Melts and Jelly Bombs. The common effects include pain relief, relaxation, energizing, creativity enhancement, and anxiety relief. However, you need to note that cannabis affects every "body" differently, and edible cannabis can have longer-lasting and more potent effects.


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