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Miss Envy Botanicals is a top supplier of solvent-free CBD and THC oils, tinctures, and tears in Canada. Miss Envy Tincture is manufactured with 100% pure THC extracts that are entirely safe and solvent-free for the cleanest infusion process possible. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of MCT Oil and its easy, natural absorption and metabolic benefits were critical factors in its selection. Because MCT Oil enters quickly into the bloodstream, these oils and tinctures are highly easy to use whenever they’re needed.



Miss Envy Tincture Product Description



About Cannabis Tinctures:

Cannabis tinctures, such as Miss Envy Tincture, have a long history in North America, extending to the 19th century when tinctures were the primary means of medicinal cannabis ingestion. Cannabis tinctures are traditionally created by soaking decarboxylated bud and plant material in high-proof alcohol. This method separates the various cannabinoids and terpenes from the other undesirable plant debris, such as waxes and lipids, allowing them to be extracted. What's left is an all-purpose medicinal tincture or alcohol-based solution that can be used to treat practically any condition. Because of its rich green color, cannabis tinctures have been dubbed "green dragon" over time. Cannabis tinctures are the most user-friendly and easily applicable cannabis medications accessible today, despite their intimidating name.


Although tinctures are no longer as widely used as they once were, they were formerly the most commonly prescribed type of cannabis therapy. Medical cannabis users who need to medicate but don't want to experience the psychoactive or "high" effects associated with cannabis or THC, often choose tinctures. This concentrated liquid form of cannabis provides several advantages to consumers, including therapeutic effects, adaptability, and discretion. Tinctures are swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream, making them quick-acting and allowing the cannabinoids to bind to receptors in less time. Cannabis tinctures are also fantastic because they have no odor, making them very discreet. Consumers who are medicating for medical or recreational reasons can do so without annoying others. Cannabis tinctures are one of the safest methods to utilize medical cannabis in terms of health. Miss Envy Tincture users can avoid the harmful side-effects connected with smoking, such as radicals and toxins in the smoke, because tinctures are primarily used orally or topically, as opposed to traditional smoking.

Dosage and Direction:

Tinctures are highly versatile and can be used in practically any situation. Cannabis tinctures are most typically taken sublingually since this approach provides the rapid absorption of THC into circulation, allowing users to experience the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time. Dropping an adequate or suggested amount under the tongue and waiting 30 seconds before taking the tincture is the sublingual approach. Tinctures can also be readily administered by placing the prescribed dosage on your tongue and drinking it immediately. Because the cannabinoids have already been active, tinctures are considerably more versatile and pleasurable. Miss Envy Tinctures is convenient to use and can be taken with you anywhere.



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