Jane’s High Dose THC Gummies

Jane’s High Dose THC Gummies are awesome for experiencing an incredible high with edibles. Each package includes one gummy with 1000 or 500mg THC. It is suitable for veteran THC users.



Watermelon 1000mg, Blue Raspberry 1000mg, Blue Raspberry 500mg

Jane's High Dose THC Gummies Product Description


Jane's High Dose THC Gummies are infused with a notable amount of THC. Strong euphoria, anxiety relief, stress reduction, pain relief, and mood enhancement are the most significant effects of this product. Other benefits include relaxation, feeling more dynamic, and increased creativity. This product is an ideal option for people suffering from chronic pains such as headaches, backache, etc. Moreover, it can reduce the symptoms of psychological issues, such as major depressive disorder, ADHD, and PTSD.

How does it work?

Edible cannabis products are absorbed through the liver and then enter the blood circulation. As a result, compared to smoking, this product’s THC content would kick in late, and it would also last longer. Using Jane's High Dose THC Gummies, you can experience an intense potent high for some hours.

Directions and Storage:

This product provides a notable high amount of THC; therefore, you should use it carefully if you are a beginner. One serving would provide strong euphoric benefits for veteran users. If you don’t have any cannabis experience, we recommend starting with flowers and then trying edibles. This product is made with premium ingredients, and its quality is lab tested. To keep the product fresher longer, keep it in a cool, dry place.

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Watermelon 1000mg, Blue Raspberry 1000mg, Blue Raspberry 500mg


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