Jane’s Gummy Bears – 500mg 1:1 (THC:CBD)

Jane’s Gummy Bears 1:1 includes 10 gummy bears. Each gummy includes 25mg of CBD and 25mg of THC, which is a great dose for enjoying all pleasures of cannabis. This package is a great option for sharing cannabis joy with your friends or leveling up yourself during the day.



Fruit punch, Fuzzy peach

Jane's Gummy Bears – 500mg 1:1 (THC: CBD) Product Description


Jane’s Gummy Bears 1:1 includes both THC and CBD contents of cannabis, so it has a wide range of effects on your body. These cannabis gummies increase desired qualities, such as focus, creativity, and being energetic in your mind. Moreover, it decreases the symptoms of illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and MDD. They can assist in the treatment of chronic pains like migraines. Overall, their proper dosage per serving provides an excellent high feeling.

Dosage and Direction:

Each gummy provides 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD, the proper dosage for uplifting regular cannabis consumers. Like all edibles, Jane's Gummy Bears 1:1 has potent and intense effects. So, for beginners, we recommend starting with very small doses. You can use half or a quarter of a gummy to start. We also recommend consuming at a slow pace for veteran users in case they haven’t found their tolerance. Moreover, it is essential to wait at least 40 minutes before redosing. 

For longer, fresher shelf life, it would be better to keep the package in a cool, dry place, particularly after opening.

Best Benefits:

Using Jane's Gummy Bears 1:1 lets you measure the amount of cannabis consumption precisely. Moreover, it provides a sweet, delightful cannabis experience without imposing weed smell and taste. It is also a perfect way to share cannabis joy with friends.


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Fruit punch, Fuzzy peach


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