Green Samurai THC Bear Bombs – 150mg

Green Samurai THC Bear Bombs is a pack of 6 bear bombs, each infused with the ideal precise amount of 25mg THC. Taking one of these edibles every day can uplift you by decreasing the stress and increasing your energy.



Blueberry, Grape, Fruit pack, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry

Green Samurai THC Bear Bombs Product Description

Effects and Benefits:

One Green Samurai THC Bear Bomb includes 25mg THC, the desired dose for most cannabis consumers. One of these can boost energy, reduce stress, increase brain function, enhance creativity, relieve pain, reduce symptoms of mental discomforts, and overall get you through the day.

More than one bear bomb may cause intense euphoria and relaxation. Taking more than 25mg THC can help treat some illnesses, such as chronic pains, inflammations, nausea, insomnia, depression, fatigue, and PTSD.

Dosage and Directions:

It takes longer for edibles to kick in, and their effect usually lasts more. They also provide significantly intense effects compared to flowers. Novice cannabis users should start with 5mg of edibles (one-fifth of a bear bomb) and wait 90 minutes before taking the second dose. Veteran cannabis consumers aware of their tolerance can enjoy more than one Green Samurai THC Bear Bombs.

*To keep the bear bombs fresh and avoid cannabinoids’ degradation, please keep the product in a cool, dry place. 


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Blueberry, Grape, Fruit pack, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry


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