ELEVTD THC Infused Chocolate

ELEVTD THC Dark Chocolate is created from 100 grams of Belgium’s finest 54 percent cocoa dark chocolate. Each chocolate bar contains a broad range of THC (320/480mg) extract that has been lab-tested and dosed accurately.



Ruby Chocolate – 320 mg (Indica), Milk Chocolate – 480 mg (Hybrid)

ELEVTD THC Infused Chocolate Product Description




ELEVTD THC Infused Chocolate bars include 320/480 mg THC. Splitting up the bar into 16/24 pieces of 20 mg THC can provide you with an appropriate dosage with very desirable effects. Taking 20mg of THC enhances energy, creativity, and focus. Moreover, it will provide relaxation, pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improvements in depression symptoms. Eating an entire chocolate bar will result in strong euphoria, intense body and mind high, and high levels of relaxation. 320mg THC can assist in treating some chronic pains and some mental disorders, such as MDD, ADHD, and PTSD.


Dosage and Direction:

One ELEVTD THC Infused Chocolate bar includes 320/480 mg of THC, only suitable for veteran edible cannabis users. Splitting the bar into 16/24 pieces with 20 mg THC provides a proper dosage for most cannabis users. Considering edibles' potency and intense effects, we recommend novice users to start with 5mg of edibles and wait at least 90 minutes before redosing. 

*To keep your chocolates fresh longer, store the package in a cool and dry place.


Best Benefits:

ELEVTD THC Infused Chocolate is an excellent option for individuals who thrive on experiencing cannabis high but do not enjoy weed's smell and taste. Moreover, splitting this chocolate bar into pieces and using a proper amount every day lets you measure the amount of THC you are consuming and enjoy the chocolate's flavor.


Additional information


Ruby Chocolate – 320 mg (Indica), Milk Chocolate – 480 mg (Hybrid)


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