Cureall Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 1000mg

Cureall Full Spectrum CBD Oil is created with a whole plant CO2 extraction method that allows extracting CBD from plant material while filtering away artificial compounds, resulting in a high concentration of pure CBD. Each package 30 ml of CBD oil (properly dosed for 30 servings).


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1 in stock

Cureall Full Spectrum CBD Oil Product Description




The Cureall Full Spectrum CBD oil includes all cannabinoids in a cannabis plant except THC. As a result, the tincture mainly affects your body after consumption. Relaxation, anxiety reduction, improvements in symptoms of mental disorders, such as depression, and euphoria, are this product's most common effects. Considering the pure CBD content, this product can well assist in treating chronic pains, such as migraine. 


Dosage and Direction:

Cannabis tinctures are well absorbed when using them sublingually. You can also use them on your skin for pain relief or euphoria. 1 drop of CBD oil (1ml) is recommended for all users. Veteran cannabis consumers aware of their tolerance can use more doses in one serving. We recommend, novice cannabis users start with 1ml and wait at least 90 minutes before taking the second dose.

*To keep cannabis products longer, store them in a cool, dry place.


Best Benefits:

Cannabis tinctures are one of the fast-absorbed edibles that provide consumers with desired effects of marijuana. Pure CBD tinctures can be highly effective in treating chronic pains, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and MDD. Moreover, they let users enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high or smoking. 



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