Atomic Wheelchair Mini Gummies – 1200mg THC

Atomic Wheelchair Mini Gummies contain 4x300mg THC infused gummies with natural fruit flavors. Providing a delicious euphoria and relaxation with fruit tastes.



Peach Mango, Grape, Black Cherry

Atomic Wheelchair Mini Gummies Product Description




The Atomic Wheelchair Mini Gummies infused with 300mg of THC provide you with intense euphoria and relaxation. It takes about 30-60 minutes for users to feel the results, and the effects may last for hours. Intense pleasure, relaxation, anxiety reduction, illusions, pain relief, improvements in symptoms of mental disorders, and stress reduction are the main effects of these gummies. 


Dosage and Direction:

Although Atomic Wheelchair Mini Gummies are mini, they include a significantly high amount of THC that is only proper for veteran edible users. For cannabis users, who don’t know their tolerance, we recommend starting with one-sixth of a gummy and redose every 60 minutes.

For novice cannabis users, we recommend skipping this product and starting with lower doses of 5mg.


Best Benefits:

Considering these gummies’ high THC content, they can assist in treating chronic physical and emotional pains. Moreover, they offer a cannabis experience with natural fruit flavors which allows you to enjoy the high without smelling or tasting weed, an excellent option for sharing a significant euphoria with your friends.


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Peach Mango, Grape, Black Cherry


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