Atomic Wheelchair Cookies – 500mg THC

Atomic Wheelchair Cookies are extremely potent cannabis-infused sweets; skip them if you’re a novice cannabis user. Each yummy cookie contains 250mg of pure lab-tested THC extract, which will quickly fulfill your desires while elevating you to the sky.



4 in stock

4 in stock

Atomic Wheelchair Cookies Product Description




Each Atomic Wheelchair Cookies includes 250 mg of pure THC, which can satisfy a veteran edible user's desires more than enough. After eating the cookie, it takes a while (about 30-60 minutes) to feel high, but as more THC enters the circulation, you would feel more intense and potent high. Strong euphoria, illusions, relaxation, anxiety relief, pain relief, and stress reduction are the most common effects of using these cookies.


Dosage and Direction:

Since edible cannabis has more potent and long-lasting effects, only veteran edible users aware of their tolerance are recommended to eat one candy. Other veteran cannabis users can start with a quarter of a cookie and redose every 90 minutes. If you are a novice cannabis consumer, we recommend skipping this product and starting with lower doses. (5mg of edible cannabis)

To enjoy fresh cookies longer, keep this product in a cool and dry place, especially after opening the package.


Wheelchair Marijuana:

Wheelchair Marijuana is referred to as very potent cannabis with very intense effects that incapacitate the user. Atomic Wheelchair Cookies package includes 500mg of edible THC, providing a very potent and intense high even for veteran edible users. This product is highly recommended for curing and reducing chronic physical and emotional pains, as a result.



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