Sweet Leaf HTFSE

Sweet Leaf HTFSE concentrate provides 1 gram of full-spectrum cannabis extract in various flavors. You can order this product in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid variations based on your desire. 




Rockstar Tuna – Hybrid, Ghost Train Haze – Sativa, Ak-47 – Hybrid, Afghan Kush – Indica

Sweet Leaf HTFSE Product Description


About HTFSE:

As the name implies, high-terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) are full-spectrum extracts with extremely high terpene contents. The purpose of full-spectrum extracts is to preserve the wide variety of chemicals found in the raw cannabis plant. The word spectrum is used in the cannabis industry to describe the whole range of substances produced by the plant's trichomes, excluding undesired components like waxes, lipids, and fats.

Effects and Benefits:

Cannabis' major compounds have a "euphoric effect," which might give people a new and possibly better experience. HTFSE preserves the strain's distinct terpene profile, resulting in an unrivaled taste and potency. HTFSE may provide benefits to consumers who aren't looking for severe psychoactive effects, despite its reduced cannabis potency.

How to use Sweet Leaf HTFSE Concentrate?

For a better effect, HTFSE should be taken via dabbing. Consumers can decarboxylate the chemicals in the "sauce" using a desktop or portable dab tools. Dabbing allows you to control the temperature and avoid destroying the extract's potentially decent terpenes. When smoked in a bowl or joint, the terpenes may burn, leaving a bad taste. HTFSE may lose terpenes when baked into edibles due to high-temperature cooking methods. 


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Rockstar Tuna – Hybrid, Ghost Train Haze – Sativa, Ak-47 – Hybrid, Afghan Kush – Indica


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