Mercedes Hash

Mercedes Hash is a famous and popular kind of hash all around the world. British Colombia is the source of this beautifully named and popular hash. This hash is creamy and with a clean taste. The trademark and stamped logo of Mercedes Hash grant it a unique aesthetic, it’s the high potency and clean high that make it very popular.



1 g, 3.5 g, 7g, 14 g, 28 g

The power of hash or hashish is underestimated. Hash was one of the first choices in the old days. if you looking for a clear kind of extract, just think about the old times! Hash is no different from other concentrates; a collection of trichomes in a compressed form. Mercedes Hash is famous for its clean taste, texture, and color. The flavor of Mercedes Hash This hash is very smooth and it has a spicy smell and taste that leaves you with a very light and relaxing high.

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1 g, 3.5 g, 7g, 14 g, 28 g


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