Prohibition Farms Bundle

Prohibition Farms Bundle includes the freshest drops of Prohibition Farms’ quads. It has 8×3.5 g of one premium variation and 4x7g of one other variation. It is an excellent deal for veteran consumers.



8 X 3.5g, 4 X 7g

Prohibition Farms Bundle Product Description



Why Purchase Prohibition Farms Bundle?

It costs less:

Prohibition Farms Bundle includes 8x3.5 mg and 4x7g of Prohibition Farms freshest strains. By purchasing this bundle, you can give a try to Prohibition Farms’ products with your friends and save significant money since it costs less (Compared to buying the same amount individually).

You can Try Different Strains of Prohibition Farms:

By purchasing this bundle, you can try different strains of Prohibition Farms and enjoy various strains altogether.

Strains' Freshness is Approved:

Since it includes the freshest quads, you guarantee the quality and freshness of the cannabis you are paying for by purchasing this bundle. This bundle is an incredible deal for sharing cannabis joy with friends.

Effects and Medical Benefits:

Prohibition Farms is known to produce the most high-quality products with notable amounts of cannabinoids. As a result consuming Prohibition Farms’ strains causes delightful euphoria and relaxation. People use these strains to reduce the symptoms of some illnesses such as fatigue, depression, chronic pains, inflammations, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia.

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8 X 3.5g, 4 X 7g


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