Happy Howl-Oween Bundle

Happy Howl-Oween Bundle Includes:

  1. Platinum Gorilla (AAA+) – Hybrid: 1 Oz
  2. Jane’s High Dose THC Gummies: Blue Raspberry 500mg
  3. High Dose Gummies: Tropical Punch 1000mg THC
  4. Twisted Extracts Halley’s Comet -1:1 (40mg THC + 40mg CBD): Grape Sativa or Watermelon Sativa


Happy Howl-Oween Bundle Product Description


Do you agree that cannabis is more fun with friends? Then you should purchase our Happy Howl-Oween Bundle that includes every cannabis product that you may need to have fun with on Halloween night. Our bundle includes:


  • One ounce of Platinum Gorilla Strain, which is a hybrid strain and serves you with a delightful euphoria suitable for a Halloween party. You can enjoy this strain with your friends.


  • Another exciting item in our Happy Howl-Oween Bundle is Twisted Extracts Halley’s Comet which includes 8 gummies with 10mg of cannabinoids. An excellent option to treat friends in a Trick or Treats!


  • There are also other items for veteran edible cannabis consumers. Jane’s High THC gummies with 500mg of THC and Rasberry flavor can bring a delightful euphoria to you at a party. Remember, this product is only suitable for veteran edible consumers.


  • Finally, one High Dose Gummies Pack with a gummy including 1000mg THC is provided for veteran edible cannabis consumers to serve the greatest joy available for you on a Halloween night.

*High Dose Gummies should only be consumed by veteran users.



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