White Death Smalls

Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Gas, Skunk
Effects: Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed, Sedated, Happy
Medical use: Depression, Lack Appetite, Stress, Pain

White Death is the result of breeding White Widow x Death Bubba.

When you want that potent smoke that puts you on your behind, this is the weed strain for you. The THC levels of White Death top up to 28% which you will notice when you smoke these buds. The buds of White Death are very compact, caked in trichomes of a light orange colour, with resinous pistils surrounding the bud. You will want to share this strain with your friends, as the earthy pine flavour along with the potent high are unmatched. White Death will leave you pleasantly sedated, very relaxed and feeling uplifted and happy!




White Death Smalls


1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

2 reviews for White Death Smalls

  1. Tdizzle5

    Amazing deal. Your paying 89 bucks for some quality AAAA bud. If you ask me nothing beats that. First off let’s start with the smell. It has a very gassy and sweet smell to it. This is the first time I’m trying this strain and I’ve never really had white widow before so it’s all new. I’m familiar with death bubba tho. Now the appearance, it was small buds obviously but nonetheless beautiful little nugs with purple tones to it and coated in trichome. Now the taste/smoke. The taste goes well with the smell. Gassy sweet pungent and a little bit of piney. I love any gassy strains. The smoke was smooth. No irritation to my throat. White ash and oil ring to go along with it. Now the high. Nice sedating high. It’s like those indica buds you smoke and just listen to music with. It goes beautifully together like eggs and bacon 🥓.

    Overall rating: 10/10
    Amazing bud for and amazing price. 89 bucks for a zip is mind blowing when you realise that some people are paying ridiculous prices for garbage weed all around the world. We’re blessed here in Canada.

  2. NextCell

    White Death Smalls (Popcorn) AAAA

    Bag Appeal – For small/popcorn nugs these were great quality. Great trim , color and trichome coverage. The small nugs had minimal stems as well, so less waste. A 7.9 bag appeal for smalls is the highest score I could give (due to their small size), but this is some of the best popcorn weed I have seen for the price.

    Smell- The smell is WAY bigger then the buds size. Super pungent, gassy, sweet and amazing over all. High quality freshly cured aroma!

    Cure – The cure is really well done. The buds are dense, but spongy and semi sticky. The inside is even stickier and the ground up bud is uniformly sticky. Freshly cured bud has a higher quality to it and this is a good example.

    Smoke – Really smooth and flavorful in the pipe. Burned clean and with a light ash. Great smoke quality.

    Vape – Exceptional vape quality due to huge flavours and smooth vapor. Really plentiful vapor production just adds to the session; bowls last a long time. Very economical.

    Potency – The potency is the opposite of small! Really great buzz that is mostly indica dominant but with a great happy, uplifting feeling. Long lasting and very spacey as well! Thc % on this is BIG!

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