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Ugly Unicorn

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Ugly Unicorn AAAA+

Ugly unicorn AAAA is an Indica strain that has many soothing properties. This strain is popular because it induced hunger and will have you raid your fridge after using it. Ugly unicorns will leave a wonderful experience for their users.

If you use this strain, it will affect your mood as a movie, spa, or a delicious meal. First-time users can try this ugly unicorn strain for a good experience. People like to use ugly unicorn because it has a unique flavor and aroma of berries. 

Aroma, Smell, and Composition of Ugly Unicorn AAAA+

These buds have large fanned Indica leaves that have a different color of green and purple. This color appears dark so that the strain will look almost black. It has a tight and dense sparkly bud that looks like a goofball-shaped thing. This strain has large kolas, which maintain the density of this strain.

The aroma of this strain is like blueberries and melons with gassy undertones. Along with berry tones, this strain also has a flavor of cheesecake which is unique in strains. Due to its flavor, this strain is a delightful treat before having fun or a party.

People prefer this strain because of its flavor and aroma. There are many strains with natural aromas, but ugly unicorn is different in term of flavor. People started buying this strain more often because it gives you your favorite flavor and a happy feeling.

If you are having a stressful day at work, you can have the ugly unicorn to relieve your stress. The smell of blueberries and cheesecake will have a positive effect on your cognitive function. In some medical cases, the smell of ugly unicorns is used by patients to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Medical Properties

Other medical properties of this strain are it helps in treating hunger control problems. Few strains can cause hunger in people, and an ugly unicorn will force you to eat something after its use. This strain is used at parties as an appetizer before a big meal.

If you are a first-time user, you will have a  unique and memorable experience and prefer to use this strain instead of others. If you also feel any stress and exhaustion after a long day, give unicorn strain a try. This strain can be available in many online stores and delivered to your doorstep within 3-4 days.

Order Ugly Unicorn Online

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