Real Deal Holyfield AAA (Indica)

Type: 10% Sativa / 90% Indica

THC Content: 25%-30%

Flavors: Earthy, Diesel, Skunky

Effects:  Focused, Relaxed, Happy

Recommended use: Evening

Known to help with: Relaxed, Euphoria, Body High, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy, Giggly


The Real Deal Holyfield is an extremely rare Indica strain that is said to be a descendant of the infamous Master Kush strain. Named after the legendary heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield, this strain is sure to knock you out for the count. The buds of The Real Deal Holyfield are small and dense, although some of the cola buds are fairly large. The flowers display a fabulous array of colours. These include hues of deep purple and bright orange, which contrast the dark green flowers. The buds are sticky because of the expansive coating of trichomes.



Real Deal Holyfield AAA (Indica)

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