Pink Unicorn AAAA+ (Hybrid) - Clearance

Pink Unicorn is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Riot Seeds. With Chemdawg as a grandparent, this breed carries a purple that is a classic. With a Blood Rose parent, there is also a red coloration to the plant. It can be used to treat anxiety, stress and other medical conditions. Pink Unicorn strain is recommended for daytime use.

27 Dec batch.



Pink Unicorn AAAA+ (Hybrid) - Clearance

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1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

1 review for Pink Unicorn AAAA+ (Hybrid) – Clearance

  1. Shawn Malley

    This one is my favorite on the site.. extremely potent stuff! Stands up against any dank indica. Very funky pink gas here, the smell is intoxicating lol very heavy stuff love it

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