OG Shark

OG Shark, a rare strain found primarily in Canada, sets high standards with its impressive THC content and pungent, earthy aroma.




OG Shark

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OG shark strain is known to have its descendants from the Blueberry Genetics and Original Diesel. It is a mysterious hybrid strain that is created through the combination of the Great White Shark and OF kush strains. The smoke of the OG shark hybrid strain is stress-busting and has a seriously exhilarating and pungent smell. 

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the OG shark strain is its high level of THC. It is available in Canada, and you could not get it from the United States. The CBD level of this strain is low as compared to the THC level. 

Fragrance and Potency

The fragrance of the OG shark strain is very pungent that will blow you away with its strong smell. The flavour of this strain is also very pungent in nature that is mixed with the little spices as well as sweetness. OG Shark strain tastes like the fresh and sour pine on the exhaling. 


OG Shark strain is a very potent strain that is just recommended for experienced users because of this reason. Any user can feel overwhelmed by this strain due to its high effects. It can lead users to adverse effects and make them feel too high. OG Shark strain is perfect to feel relaxed and can also stick you to the couch. It has the ability to make you feel happy and fade your negative thoughts away. As time passes, the effects of this strain make you feel sleepy; therefore, it is recommended for night-time users. 


Medicinal Purposes

This hybrid strain can treat a long list of medical problems because of its high THC level. One of the main things is that this strain is highly prescribed to treat chronic stress. OG Shark strain can also help to relax the exhausted mind and body by giving you calming effects. Chronic pain can also be easily treated by this strain. Furthermore, it can reduce the symptoms of migraine, arthritis, back pains, as well as make you feel pain-free from head to toe. 

People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders can also use this strain to have uninterrupted and quality sleep. It can also help to regain the loss of appetite or chronic fatigue. 

Important Information about OG Shark

OG shark strain is generally known as the potent strain that can also bring some possible side effects without any doubt. It can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, and itching. You will dehydrate after using it; therefore, keep a water bottle around you while using this strain. It can also lead you to feelings of paranoia and nervousness with loose confidence. Novice users usually feel slight dizziness immediately after using it. 

OG Shark strain gives a tough time to the growers as it’s a little challenging to grow. However, it’s easy to grow for experienced growers. Warm temperature and outdoor climate are the best conditions to grow this strain. 



Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sleepy


Pungent, diesel, Shunky


Pine, Berry, Diesel, Pungent, Earthy

Medical benefits:

Helps to relieve insomnia, stress, fatigue, and lack of appetite. 


1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

5 reviews for OG Shark

  1. Michael W

    Wow, I’m just mind blown with the variety of high quality strains that I’ve tried in OWO so far. The OG shark in particular will leave a gas taste in your mouth and is highly potent. I’d recommend smoking this at night time, as you’ll just want to sink into your couch and watch some Netflix lol.

    Extremely impressed by the lineup OWO has to offer. I’ve smoked numerous OG sharks throughout the years, and quite honestly this one blows the rest of them out of the water. This strain is a MUST try

  2. fave

    Strain : Og Shark

    Variété : hybride parfaitement balancé

    Croissement : Great White Shark X OF kush

    Aspect : Cocotte très très compact ,excellente cure , grosseur 1.G+ , belle humidité, Très collant

    Odeur : acre, terreux avec petite touche indéfini

    Gout : acre, pin, sour

    Buzz : Buzz cérébral sativa vous donnant de la concentration suivi d’un bon buzz de corps indica qui vous détendra

    Note :9.5/10

    Commentaire : excellent hybrid avec Buzz parfaitement balancé.

    je recommande cette variété au gens qui recheche un hybrid délicieux. parfait seul ou entre ami. Idéal en jouant a un jeux de société


    Strain: Og Shark

    Variety: perfectly balanced hybrid

    Crossbreeding: Great White Shark X OF kush

    Appearance: Very very compact buds, excellent cure, size 1.G +, good humidity, Very sticky

    Odor: pungent, earthy with a little undefined touch

    Taste: pungent, pine, sour

    Buzz: Sativa brain buzz giving you focus followed by a good indica body buzz that will relax you

    Rating: 9.5 / 10

    Comment: excellent hybrid with perfectly balanced Buzz.

    I recommend this strain to people looking for a delicious hybrid. perfect alone or with friends. Ideal when playing a board game

  3. MCDaddy

    Visual: It was a big bulbous bud with lots of sparkly crystal all over and throughout. It had more of an Indica feel to me with the forest greens and the dark brown hairs. The bud was very dense.

    Nose: The nose was earthy with a bit of sweet gas and pine. It wasn’t very pungent at first but it was a bit more when I opened it up.

    Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder, but it fluffed it up. It had a good moisture level.

    Taste: I got the gas and the pine with a little bit of a spicy floral taste to it.

    Burn: I burnt well but with a tiny bit of harshness. The ash was a bit salt and peppery but it didn’t want to go out.

    Potency/Effects: I got a good punch in the nose and the potency built up well. It was more Indica leaning for me with a heavy head and body with a slowed down effect. It would be good for evening and nighttime.

    Overall score – 9.2/10

    You can watch the video review:

    On Youtube:

  4. Shawn Malley

    Amazing very dense terpy gassy indica! Get it! Lol

  5. NextCell

    Packaging was professional, descreet and odour free. Products arrived very fast and were damage free.

    OG Shark

    Bag Appeal – Medium size colorful nugs with good trim. The buds are dense and have a nice coverage of trichomes, which gives it a semi glossy appearance

    Smell- Earthy, gassy, piney and floral smell emits from this strain. Smells good!

    Cure – Great cure! Semi sticky inside and out. Even more stickier when ground up. Spongy nugs that dont crumble apart.

    Smoke – Enjoyed this very much in a joint. Smooth tokes, lighter ash and burned great!

    Vape – Flavourful vapour and several sessions from a single bowl in the ditanium. Lots of smooth vapor produced!

    Potency – Effects were relaxing, happy and it gave me the munchies. Fairly sedative when you consume in excess. Great indica! Long lasting effects.

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