Grandmaster Tuna

Grand Master Tuna, also known as “Master Tuna Kush,” is an Indica dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica/30% Sativa or 75% Indica/25% Sativa) created through crossing the classic Master Kush X Tuna Kush strains.



Grandmaster Tuna

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Grand Master Tuna Strain

This celebrity child boasts a super stimulating high that surprisingly hits a lot like a Sativa rather than an Indica. You’ll feel an immediate increase in sensory awareness, filling your mind with a sense of thoughtful energy that goes well with your sharpened focus.

Effects of Grand Master Tuna

You’ll feel creative and inspired, ready to tackle anything on your to-do list. As your mind continues to sharpen, your body will start to fall off into a heavy relaxation that leaves you slightly sedated without causing too much sedation.


Combined with its high 18-23% THC level, these full-bodied effects give Grand Master Tuna an edge in treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, arthritis, insomnia, and chronic pain.

The aroma of Grand Master Tuna

Master Tuna has a classic spicy fishy pungent flavour with a super sour citrusy exhale. The aroma is heavier and more pungent than the taste, with hints of rotting fish and skunks that fill any room with a heavy stench.


Master Tuna buds have oversized spade-shaped minty green nugs with amber undertones, lots of orange hairs, and a coating of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes.


Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

4 reviews for Grandmaster Tuna

  1. MCDaddy

    Visual: The buds had had lots of tight, compact crystal that was very sparkly and there was quite a bit of it! Overall the colour was pretty dark with forest greens and purples and blacks. There were some brown and orange hairs matted to the buds in little patches and it was very dense.

    Nose: The nose was gassy and skunky with a hint of funky fish. It was very pungent!

    Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind and it fluffed up a bit in the grinder. It was a bit sticky and it had a good moisture level.

    Taste: Full Flavour! The taste was very gassy with a lot of sweet skunk! I got a bot of that funky fish and the taste really stuck to the inside of my mouth and had that lip smack to it!

    Burn: I got big smoke from it! The ash was a tiny bit salt and peppery, but it burnt very well and it didn’t want to go out.

    Potency/Effects: This Grandmaster Tuna hit me in the nose like a stinky fish and the effects built up fast with a high potency level. I got a heavy weighed down feeling and it slowed everything down with a couch lock effect. I also felt happy with a sense of wellbeing, which was made it very enjoyable all around!

    Overall score – 9.7/10

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  2. fave

    Strain : Grandmaster Tuna

    Variété : hybride dominant Indica (70%)

    Croissement : Master Kush X Tuna Kush

    Aspect : Cocotte très compact ,excellente cure , grosseur 1.G+ , excellente humidité, Très collant

    Odeur : acre , poisson et skunky

    Gout : Acre , poisson épicé avec touche agrume

    Buzz : Léger buzz cérébral sativa suivi d’un gros bon buzz de corps indica

    Note :9.5/10

    Commentaire : excellente variété pour les gens qui recherche la relaxation

    je recommande cette variété pour relaxer, se détendre ou tout simplement méditer.


    Strain: Grandmaster Tuna

    Variety: Indica dominant hybrid (70%)

    Growth: Master Kush X Tuna Kush

    Appearance: Very compact Buds, excellent cure, size 1.G +, excellent humidity, Very sticky

    Odor: Pungent, fishy and skunky

    Taste: Pungent, spicy fish with a touch of citrus

    Buzz: Light sativa brain buzz followed by a big good indica body buzz

    Rating: 9.5 / 10

    Comment: excellent strain for people seeking relaxation

    I recommend this strain for chilling out, chilling out or just meditating.

  3. Shawn Malley

    Great Daytime Tuna strain here! Got that super tasty smelly tuna dankness to it! I usually like my heavy couch lock indicas.. this one isn’t that.. it’s a indica that rather hits more like a sativa 💯

  4. NextCell

    GrandMaster Tuna

    Bag Appeal – The buds I received were small in size, but looked interesting. Trim was mostly good and there was good trichome coverage.

    Smell- The smell was gassy, earthy and spicey. Fairly pungent and it definitely smells like a heavy indica.

    Cure – Semi sticky inside and out. Buds do not crumble when pressed and they feel spongy. Good cure!

    Smoke – This weed burned smooth and clean in a joint. Good spicey gassy flavour!

    Vape – Vaped great in the ditanium. Flavourful smooth vapour and lots of hits from a single bowl.

    Potency – Indica effects can be felt fairly quickly; relaxation, sedation and the munchies . The buzz lasted 1.5 hours and the sleep that followed was great!

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