Mac1 AAAA (Hybrid)

Mac1 is also known as the Miracle Alien Cookies X1 strain that has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa strain in it. It is created through the combination of two powerful strains that are Miracle 15 and Alien Cookies F2.



Mac1 AAAA (Hybrid)

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Mac1 Hybrid strain 

Mac1 hybrid strain is considered as the special one as anyone can grow it. To protect the quality of this versatile flower, growers of this strain are carefully selected by the breeders. 

The effects of this strain literally take the users to another level with a super and amazing feeling. At the start, you will feel the high effects in your head with a rushing euphoria that fills your mind with happiness and makes you feel relaxed. All of your racing and negative thoughts get replaced by pure happiness and creative motivation. Cerebral lifts go along with the relaxing body that keeps your soul and mind high to outer space. 

Effects of Mac1

Besides the positive effects and feelings, the Mac1 hybrid strain can also lead to side effects. Dry eyes and dry mouth are mostly claimed by the users. However, keep in mind that all these side effects are a result of taking overdosages by novice users. It would be recommended to have some snacks or water around you while taking this strain. Therefore, take care of the amount while using this strain. Each strain has different effects for different people depending on their tolerance, experience as well as body chemistry. 

All of the above effects of the Mac1 hybrid strain are perfect for treating certain medical conditions in combination with the super high THC level that is recorded more or less 23% in this strain. It can be used to treat medical conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, or chronic pain. The flavour of this bud is classic diesel that is accompanied by the spicy herbal undertones that are highlighted by the sweet citrus. 

The Aroma

Furthermore, the aroma of the Mac1 hybrid strain has pungent overtones that stay for a long time after your final puff. You will see the dark olive green nugs that are highly equipped with rich purple undertones coated with the white crystal trichomes as well as thin orange hairs. 

You can enjoy the Mac1 hybrid strain during the day or night as it has a creamy, smooth, and funky terpene profile. It is grown by the Coastal Craft collective, with a beautiful aroma that required minimal handling during growing or harvesting. Mac1 hybrid strain maintains its pungent aroma with a slightly spicy and earthiness profile. This strain gives such extraordinary effects to the users as they feel flying over the sky when taking higher doses. All the negativities from your life fade away and get replaced by creative motivation and happiness. 


Effects of Mac1 Strain 

Creative, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifting, Motivating, and Relaxing


May helps to get relief from 

Depression, chronic pain, fatigue, mood swings as well as stress. 


Side effects

Dry eyes, Dry mouth 


Flavors of the Mac1 strain 

Sweet, Earthy, Diesel and Herbal 


Aromas of the Mac1 strain 

Sour, spicy, Herbal, Diesel, and Pungent. 



Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

2 reviews for Mac1 AAAA (Hybrid)

  1. MCDaddy

    Visual: The visuals were amazing! The buds were whitened with frosty crystal. They had a funky shape with some funny foxtailing. The colour was a very light green but it was almost turned white from all the fuzzy trichomes covering it. It had some light brown hairs but they blended right in. The buds were very dense.

    Nose: At first I got a light green smell that was funky and musky with a little bit of creaminess to it. It was much more pungent when I opened it up. I got some sweetness and some berry from it but not as much of that funky musky nose.

    Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder and it was easy to cut with scissors. It had a great moisture level.

    Taste: That funky musky nose came through on the inhale at it gave a sweetness on the exhale. I also got the addition of some spiciness and some pine. It was very flavourful!

    Burn: I burnt great. The ash was very light and it had a good smoke.

    Potency/Effects: The effects built up well and it had a good potency level for me. I enjoyed the all around effects from this MAC. I got some energy and a positive and upbeat vibe with a great buzz all over. It had me feeling fine and it would be good for anytime of the day.

    Overall score – 9.7/10

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  2. Tdizzle5

    This was kindly sent to me as a sample by OrderWeedOnline. Thanks guys 😁

    Smell/Appearance: This is my second time having this strain being the previous time was by gasleak from lpb. It was the mac 10. Idk what the different between the 10 and 1 is. But still I loved it the previous time and love it now. So when I opened the bag the smell wasn’t a punch you in the face but it had that familiar odour I was craving. Like a sweet cookie or something. It smells delicious. But when you start to crack the nugs you get hit with this kushy kind of odour it’s mad unique and that’s why I love it. Now the appearance. The look of the bud is something special as you can see. Even the last time I had this strain it was just caked in trichome. This had a nice bright green shade with hints of purple and dusted with vvs diamonds. Just by looking at the bud and smelling it you get tempted to smoke more.

    Taste/Smoke: It had a cookie flavour I feel like. I only smoked one spliff of this a couple of hours ago. It doesn’t have a muskyness how people explained it. But it has the flavour of how the bud was before I cracked it and after I cracked it. Like the sweet cookie flavour with a little kush to it. Now the smoke was very smooth. White ash with oil ring to match with that. Not harsh on my lungs or throat. Just a smooth clean tasty smoke.

    High: The high is amazing. Not a sedating couchlock full on indica type of high that I always smoke but still intense in both head and body. As I’m writing this review it literally justed creeped up and hit me with a 2pc combo. This is weed that’ll keep you high for a minute. I only smoked a little spliff and I’m still pretty high. Matter of fact it creeped up like 20-30 minutes into my high or even longer I can’t recall because I’m high.

    Overall Rating: 10/10 This is definitely some quality nug that deserve the top quality pricing. Plus if they ever got some popcorn of these you can catch me grabbing a couple zips no question 😁🤫

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