Black Gas



Black Gas

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1 gram, Eighths (3.5 g), Quarter (7 g), Half oz (14 g), Oz (28 g)

2 reviews for Black Gas

  1. NicRay

    Love this strain! I was able to fully relax and to enjoy a sweet sweet high.
    10/10 would smoke again 🙂

  2. NextCell

    Packaging was professional, descreet and odour free. Products arrived very quick and were damage free thanks to great packaging.

    Black Gas AAAA

    Bag Appeal – Medium/Large size nugs that have a great trim and trichome coverage. Vibrant shades of green and orange contrast nicely. Looks to be of good quality!

    Smell- This strain lives up to its unique name…IT IS PUNGENT! Smells like sweet gas and piney/earthy notes. When broken up this smell explodes.

    Cure – The inside of the nugs are semi sticky and the outside is a bit crisp, but spongy and it doesnt crumble. After being ground up it sticks together when pressed. Good cure

    Smoke – Great quality smoke in my bong, with a smooth gassy flavour. It burned clean and left salt and pepper ash.

    Vape – Vaped very well in my pax 2. Gassy and sweet flavour with smooth and plentiful vapour. Awesome!

    Potency – I found this to be a heavy indica. Sedative, relaxed and huge munchies that lasted a long duration. Potent and great for night time use!

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