Black Gas AAAA+ (Indica)


  • flavours: Lemony, Pine, Diesel
  • effects: Relaxed, Hungry, Sleepy

THC content: 22%

Black Gas Strain originates from BC where it quickly gained legendary status. It’s a cross between The Black Strain and Gas Mask to make a heavy Indica hybrid known for its long-lasting effects. Its flavour is just as interesting as its fragrance. It has a diesel-like flavour with a perfect blend of pine, citrus, and earthy. When smoked, Black Gas leaves a sweet diesel-like aftertaste lingering in your tongue. Shortly after consumption, it will bring the patient into a relaxed cerebral high that turns into a full-body relaxation. Once you enter the full-body relaxation state, you’ll find yourself couch-locked which slowly turns into deep and uninterrupted sleep.



Black Gas AAAA+ (Indica)

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1 review for Black Gas AAAA+ (Indica)

  1. NicRay

    Love this strain! I was able to fully relax and to enjoy a sweet sweet high.
    10/10 would smoke again 🙂

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