Ordering from us is simple:
  • Go to the store and check for your stuff
  • Select the appropriate quantity of an item and add them to your cart by clicking on the desired product.
  • You will be returned to https:/orderweedonline.com after adding an item to our cart. To add more items to your cart, simply press “Continue Shopping.”
  • When any of the items you wish to get are on your shopping cart, you will be available for the check-out process and press down “Proceed to the check-out”. It will take you to the https://orderweedonline.com/checkout, which is the checkout page of our website.
  • You must log in with your credentials and email while you are at the checkout tab. If you didn’t buy anything from our website before, you need to get a new password from us, your email and the appropriate fields must be filled out. You will get a confirmation email from us after you register.
  • You can check delivery details with name, location, email address, order notes, and phone number when you are signed in.
  • You can click on “Position Order” after all the sections that are required are completed.
  • You will see directions also with your order number on the tab of checkout confirmation. This will teach you how to give an Interact E-transfer. Your order will be delivered only after we have received the E-transfer.
  • After the E-transfer is finished, the order will be processed and delivered on approximately one working day. You will get an Xpresspost tracking number from us after the order has been delivered.
  • On request, only “signature necessary” packages are delivered by us. If there is a risk of fraud, please ask for a “signature required.”
  1. Yeah. Of course! We promise that the box is carefully sealed and vacuumed. This guarantees your shopping and anonymity. We use safe and anonymous Xpresspost mailers.

You can contact us only via email from Monday to Friday, 9 am PST – 5 pm PST, as our customer service representative is open at this time. For an answer, please permit 24 hours.

No. Not that. We do our delivery only in Canada.

Please give us the order number via email to cancel if the product has not been delivered. You must then create a new order with us and give us an email with the old order number to cancel the previous order if you are trying to edit or add to a current order.

There are no refunds or replacements; all items are final sale.


We support E-transfers, which are consistent with all major Canadian banks and credit unions. Here is an E-transfer video on how to send:

No, all of our items are without any kind of tax.

Shipping is free for orders exceeding $150 after a discount. For a $20 flat rate, we deliver our products through Xpresspost and will email you a tracking number after we have shipped the order. It could take a few additional days to reach you if you live in a far-off place. Now we are giving priority delivery for $40. Priority can be provided anytime from 2-7 business days for rural areas in Yellowknife, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories.

If the E-transfer is received, we will process the payment up to 48 hours. Your transaction E-Transfer will be pending before the funds received by an E-Transfer can be obtained. Upon receipt of the E-transfer, we will contact you via email and give you a tracking number after you have a shipment of the order.

To give us an E-Transfer, use your credit union or online banking. When you check out, please see the directions.

The next move is to give the E-Transfer to us after you have placed your order. We retain the order until we collect the payment from you. If, after 48 hours, there was no invoice, the order would be canceled.


If, after two days from the scheduled shipping date, you don’t get your product, contact us by email. With Canada Post, we’ll make a trace. It would be considered missing while it is in transit status and still in transit condition for over thirty days. If a trace is completed, Canada Post will carry out a study that can take five working days to finish. If the shipment is in Canada Post, it will be delivered and collected by you a few days later. If the package is late because of postal complications, we can not give refunds. If your order is labeled as delivered during monitoring, please order at your own risk; we are not liable for stolen or lost orders. Please ensure that the right mailing address is given to us. Packages with inappropriate mailing addresses are not returned. Please contact us if your package is being sent in a neighborhood mailbox (we are sending it with the correct signature to deter theft). “Signature required” packages are only delivered on request.

Two possibilities are possible there:

  • The post officer has delivered the parcel to an incorrect mailbox.
  • The postal agent scanned this shipment as being “successfully shipped,” but delivered it the next working day, actually.

In some circumstances, before the product is shipped, a shipping scan is entered into our system. If you think the addressee got the product before reaching you, email us to let us know that the product has been sent.

*Please note that we are unable to offer a refund when the shipment is considered ‘Successfully Delivered’ via Canada Post.

Post Office of Canada:

An inquiry may be achieved by calling the receiver to ensure that the delivery has taken place or to help explain how the mail is received. They can check the front desk, security room, or post room at the address can also be checked to verify if the shipment was received on behalf of the receiver.

Areas that can be checked:

  • Around the area to see if the shipment has been kept somewhere in the place. Please search the mailbox as well.
  • Community mailbox.

Theft of Mail

Our company is not responsible for stolen/missing products in this case. Please choose a flex mailing address for shipment if you hear about lost parcels in your area or know about mail-theft in your area/house. This will securely deliver your shipment to your preferred postal office. Mail theft is sadly already happening, and we are not able to stop it. But whether your product looks distorted or the box is lightweight. To record unboxing or take photographs or to give them to us is very important. Each and every case will be checked by us.

Shipping is free for orders exceeding $150 after a discount. For a $20 flat rate, we deliver our products through Xpresspost and will email you a tracking number after we have shipped the order. It could take a few additional days to reach you if you live in a far-off place. Now we are giving priority delivery for $40. Priority can be provided anytime from 2-7 business days for rural areas in Yellowknife, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories.

We send any order of over $ 300 with the ‘Signature required.’ If you don’t want this alternative, leave a message saying ‘No signature required, Please’ with your order.


*Please note at this time, we shall not be able to send products with signatures. Because of the COVID19, Canada Post is avoiding close contact.

This is actually a human fault if you use Canada Post to monitor the box. This can arise when the postal official can wrongly manage the postal code. The box will go to another town, whether it is off in one letter or digit. This ensures that the shipment is returned to the correct destination for 1-2 days after rerouting delay.

The majority of users receive their shipment on schedule or a day later. In certain instances, the tracking may not be changed because of missing a scan that is a normal phenomenon. Contact us, and we will take you for a look at the post office if you do not get it in 2 days after the expected date of delivery.

Shipping to Nunavut, Northern Ontario, and Northern Quebec

Unfortunately, transportation to Northern Quebec and Northern Ontario has a far greater percentage of postal theft. No delivery assurances can be provided. You will order at your own risk if you stay in these regions. This ensures that if the shipment is misplaced or stolen, you will not get a new package or refund.

Owing to the huge amount of robbery and lost packages, we no longer ship to Nunavut. We apologize for any potential inconvenience. You can contact us to make a manual order if you are a frequent customer and have previously ordered from us.

Before we check the box at the post office, we email the tracking code. Unless a shipment has been scanned by the post office, it is not available on the website of the Canada Post. At the end of the working day, the right monitoring should appear.

Shipping insurance covers the expenses or reversal of your order AND distribution costs to give you peace of mind!

Each case is reviewed before the order is substituted in order to deter fraud or misuse. We would carefully evaluate independently before any shipments are substituted.

You can ask for your shipping insurance by filing a claim with us if your shipment is missing for more than three days after the delivery date. You must include your order# and tracking# to support@lowpricebud.co in order to request a claim. We will lodge a trace with Canada Post after we validate your order and tracking number.

When a trace is submitted, the inquiry (which will extend up to five working days to finish) will be started by Canada Post. When they spot the box, they will send it to you, and a couple of days later, you will get it. We will substitute the order if you can’t find it, and it is considered missing or robbed.

Insurance protects only shipments not meeting their destination, and these can be established by postal monitoring missing or robbed or “limbo.” All the shipments are sent to the customer’s exact address (you). Therefore the shipment shall be deemed shipped and fulfilled after a package is delivered by the postal worker. You will no longer be able to claim the order if the shipment is shipped and confirmed.

Shipping insurance is for one use only, and only the order in which it has been bought applies. It cannot be overwrought or used on future or past shipments. The fee is 9.99 USD which is not reimbursable or repeatable. Insurance will refer only to shipments that are not submitted by the address mentioned and shall be counted as missing for four working days after the completion of the inquiry by Canada Post (this will not include weekends or status holidays). All the shipments are shipped through express shipping (two days of shipping).