Where to buy weed online legally?

November 8, 2021

Since Canada’s government has legalized recreational cannabis consumption all over the country, the number of dispensaries and online weed stores has increased noticeably. Considering online shopping convenience, many prefer to buy weed online. Although most of these stores are licensed, some others might lead you to illegal weed purchasing. Luckily some hints help you to buy weed online legally. This article discusses all information you need to buy weed online legally in Canada.

Different places to purchase weed:

You can buy weed in Canada from the dispensaries in the city, online Cannabis dispensaries, and the black market. Dispensaries almost always provide legal weed options. However, usually, they offer a limited list of cannabis products. 

Online shopping usually is the best way to purchase cannabis products. Not only is it discreet and private, but also the excellent customer service most of these stores provide lets you learn a lot about the products you are purchasing. In addition, most online stores provide consistent customer support via email and online chatting.

Online marijuana dispensaries stores are heaven for weed lovers since they usually include various cannabis products and accessories, and the shopping is easy and discreet. However, not all of the online dispensaries are the ones to buy weed online legally. But, some hints help you to find legal stores.

How to know we are buying legal weed?

For purchasing weed legally, you need to be 19 or more. So, a legal dispensary or legal online weed stores would check your age. Moreover, the total amount of weed you can buy per purchase or carry legally is 30g. So, if a dispensary lets you buy more than that amount, it is doing something illegal. Choosing a legal store to purchase weed online can be complicated, and many online stores offer recreational weed. However, you can distinguish legal online weed stores with straightforward hints:

Is the store accountable?

The way a store responds to your questions tells a lot about its legality. Legal online dispensaries in Canada usually answer all your questions about their store, products, and the purchasing process. If you don’t find a store accountable for their products, you’d better forget about shopping from them.

Do they have other channels besides their website?

Legal stores do not limit their channels to a website. Since they care about their customers, they usually educate them about new products and helpful information about cannabis consumption through digital media. Therefore, if an online store has several channels for communication, you can buy marijuana online legally there. Moreover, legal stores do not mind presenting their products and educating their customers. Therefore, they are usually active in social media. For example, they have active Instagram pages.

Community Acceptance:

Whether the community accepts an online dispensary or not is very important. In online stores, you can read the reviews written by previous customers. Moreover, thanks to digital media, you can learn about legal and certified stores on social media. For example, some weed bloggers may introduce legal and certified online stores on their Instagram pages. So, to buy weed online legally, you can rely on famous cannabis bloggers.

Sample Pack:

Legal online weed stores usually offer sample packs or welcome packages at very reasonable prices. So, if a store provides sample packs for its new customers, you can rely on that store for buying weed legally. Because it means the store trusts its products and supports them. Sample packs are a means to recognize legal stores and help you choose the best option while purchasing.

Presenting products in the video:

Legal online stores usually use digital media as means of advertising and introducing their products. Videos a store uses for presenting its products on digital media is a hint of a legal store. Illegal stores usually prefer using fake pictures to save their appearance. On the contrary, legal stores, especially high-quality weed providers, enjoy presenting their products in detail and using videos.


Many Canadians choose to purchase their cannabis online because of its privacy and convenience. However, to buy weed online legally, you need to purchase from a legal, licensed store. As well, to buy weed online legally, you need to be more than 19, and you can only buy 30g of it per purchase so that a legal store would observe those conditions. Moreover, a legal store is accountable, accepted by the community, has proper channels for communication, and offers sample packs to respect its customers.

Michelle Bilodeau

I have been working in the Cannabis industry for the past few years now. I was buying weed from different legal and illegal sources, looking for the best quality vs price. Not happy with what was on the market, I decided to start Orderweedonline.com Where I would showcase and share my passion for Cannabis with other fellow enthusiasts.

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