How and Why Should we Buy Weed Online?

October 18, 2021

Canada’s government has made history by becoming the world’s second country to legalize cannabis trading on a national level. Since 2020, the online industry for the sale of various cannabis products has exploded. Choosing the most excellent online store to buy cannabis products might be difficult, but if you’re looking for the best online weed store, look no further because you’ve arrived at the right place. This article will discuss the advantages of buying weed online and introduce Canada’s best places to purchase weed online.

Reasons to Buy Weed Online:

Acquiring High-Quality Products:

Online cannabis stores are gateways to connect customers to the farmers. So, purchasing weed online is like buying it directly from the farmers, which allows you to enjoy fresh weed at a lower price. Moreover, Online stores usually provide complete information on every product that ensures transparency. More importantly, considering the direct connection between you and producers, you quickly access high-quality weed at a lower price.

Amazing Variety of Cannabis Products:

Compared to local stores’ limited collections, online weed stores present you with various incredible cannabis products. Most online weed stores offer a wide range of products, including flowers, edible products, concentrate weeds, and cannabis-based health products. On top of that, you have the opportunity to research, compare, and choose the best product that meets your needs.

You can Read Previous customers’ Comments:

Unlike local stores, you have the chance to read about other customers’ experiences at an online store. This helps you learn about the store and product and aids with comparing different products and websites. Moreover, since most websites use reviews as their front marketing platform, they put a lot of effort into satisfying their customers by providing high-quality products. So, you can decide better by relying on previous customers’ reviews.

It respects your privacy:

Whether you are using weed for a recreational purpose or a medicinal aim, you may want to buy cannabis products discreetly. Shopping weed online and delivering it at your spot releases you from extra explanations to avoid disagreements. So, if you don’t like to be seen at a weed dispensary downtown, buying weed online is the best option for you.

Available anywhere and Anytime:

The most amazing aspect of buying weed online is its permanent accessibility. Online cannabis stores allow you to buy weed online any time of the day. So, if you wish to purchase weed in the middle of the night, you won’t need to wait until morning. Moreover, most online stores offer to ship all over the country that allows you to access other regions’ weed easily. For example, you can buy cannabis in BC and deliver it to your place all over Canada. Moreover, Shopping for weed products online allows you to take your time for comparing, researching, and purchasing the one that best meets your needs. On top of that, you do not have to waste time on traffic.

All in All:

Online shopping allows you to buy weed and purchase accessories or other products you may need. Although most online cannabis stores sell the accessories too, if the online store you are buying weed doesn’t have the accessories you want, you can purchase your favorite accessories with a couple of extra clicks from other websites.

How to Buy Weed Online?

Nowadays, many choose to do their shopping online to enjoy its benefits, such as time and energy saving. Purchasing online is quick, fun, and private. However, some may find it complicated. Here is a complete guide to shopping for cannabis products from OWO’s website.

  1. Enter via your browser
  2. On the home page, click on OWO Shop.
  3. Choose your favorite cannabis product category and click on it. For instance, if you want to smoke weed, click on Shop Now button on the Flower category.
  4. Now first, choose the quality you want (from AA to Living Soil), and then choose your favorite strain (Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid).
  5. Once you filter the flowers based on your desires, OWO will show you all related options with helpful information about each product.
  6. After you choose your favorite flower, you can order it in different weights of (3.5, 7, 14, and 28 grams); click on “choose an option,” choose the weight, choose the number of orders you wish to get, and then add to the cart.
  7. Shopping for other products is even more straightforward than shopping for flowers. All you need to do is clicking on the target category (Edibles, Vaporizers, Accessories, etc.) and then choose your favorite product and continue shopping steps as the following.
  8. When you press “Add to Cart,” you will be redirected to the “cart” page, where you can either choose “Continue shopping” or “Check Out” your orders.
  9. Once you are done ordering, you should press” proceed to check out” to finalize your purchase.
  10. On the checkout page, you are required to fill a form to complete billing and shipping information.
  11. Finally, press “Place Order” and pay for it. OWO only accepts email money transfers. So, note that your order will be shipped after you finalize your payment.
  12. After you pay the bill, you will receive the orders within 2-10 business days at the given address. OWO offers same-day shipping for all orders submitted until noon on a business day. (OWO uses 2-day express shipping to ship orders, but delivery time can vary based on your location, distance, and the time you submit your order.)
  13. In case the product you’ve ordered is out of stock, you can either choose “Contact” or “Substitute.”
  14. If you choose “Contact,” you will receive an email, and OWO will replace your order. If you choose “Substitute,” OWO would replace your order with a similar product.

7 Top Stores to Buy Weed Online:

Considering online purchase advantages, many would wonder where the best place to buy weed online is? In the following paragraphs, I will introduce the top 7 online dispensaries in Canada based on customers’ satisfaction:

#1- Order Weed Online

Order Weed Online (OWO) is a Vancouver-based online cannabis business that ships across the country. OWO offers a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis products from AA to Living Soil quality. You may purchase a variety of cannabis items on their website, including flowers, edibles, health products, concentrate weed, and accessories. However, OWO is a new dispensary with less experience than others. It has a team of professionals (from growers to delivery employees) that ensure the items you buy are fresh and of high quality. Its user-friendly website allows you to acquire weed quickly and easily.

#2- The Grow House

To shop at the Grow House, you must first create an account. The process is quick, and you’ll be getting a subscription or browsing the sale within seconds of signing up. The company is proud of its flower and concentrate collection, which is made up entirely of strong Hybrids (Indica-Sativa cross). However, to buying accessories or products with higher qualities, you should refer to other websites.

#3- West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is a well-known mail-order dispensary in Canada. This internet dispensary is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have a large selection of strains for all medical conditions and promise the lowest prices. Moreover, they have an extensive product line and a high level of client service. However, if it is the first time you want to buy weed online, the website may confuse you a little.

#4- Haute Health

Haute Health is a collective of compassionate cannabis lovers with extensive experience in the Canadian cannabis market. This dispensary serves the Canadian market well for people who buy cannabis online by the gram, and there is also a sale for bulk/wholesale marijuana purchasers. However, you may receive your orders in a long time compared to other dispensaries.

#5- Herb Approach

Herb Approach is another cannabis dispensary in BC. Everything on their menu is sourced from BC’s top cannabis brands. Their buds are of excellent quality, and they sell significant portions of an ounce and full ounces. Also, you can hunt for a good coupon code to utilize to obtain a good deal. Coupons are the most effective way to save a lot of money on repeat orders. However, if you don’t like the products, their return policy may be complicated.

#6- Speed Greens

Speed Greens is an online marijuana dispensary run by a dedicated team of professionals who make purchasing marijuana online simple and fun. It’s simple to shop at Speed Greens. Their website is well-organized, meaning fewer clutter and page layouts make sense to their customers, not to them. They provide a wide range of products, but you may want to refer to other stores for higher qualities.

#7- Buy My Weed Online

Buy My Weed Online is a safe and reliable mail-order marijuana dispensary based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their website is safe, well-designed, and quick to load. They’ve published protection policies, discount policies, and terms of service pages to back up their commitment to security and openness. However, you should keep in mind that they are solely dedicated to providing the greatest medical marijuana to their customers. So, if you want to buy weed online for recreational purposes, you’d better note that.

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