Why Is Medical Cannabis So Popular These Days in Canada?

Medical Cannabis

What Is Making Medical Cannabis A Popular Healing Herb? Recreational smokers are the core of Medical Cannabis’ success. As Medical Cannabis use rose in the early 1970s, hemp and marijuana became more common as remedies. Hemp and marijuana are common resources across Canada. In fact, one household in every block in Canada uses Medical Cannabis. […]

How Can Medical Marijuana Help With Ailments?

Medical Marijuana Canada

How Can Medical Marijuana Help? A 2011 research study found that the use of medical marijuana helped patients with pain reduction, nausea, and appetite problems. The study was held at the State University of New York at Albany and was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. A 2012 research study that was conducted in […]

What Type of Pain Can you Treat with Medicinal Marijuana?

treat pain with medicinal marijuana

Treat Pain With Medicinal Marijuana Marijuana and other strains are used to relieve pain and relax the muscles of the human body. Medical marijuana is the perfect alternative to other pain-relieving drugs. Marijuana helps treat many types of chronic pain like muscle pain, inflammation, and nerve damage. People smoke these strains to get high, mostly […]

Weed Cooking: How to make your weed-infused butter at home?

Weed-infused butter

Weed-infused Butter Weed has been used for centuries for both medical and recreational purposes. Most people use weed to get high, while others use it for different purposes. You can buy weed-infused butter from different local markets or cannabis dispensary stores nearby. You can also make weed-infused butter at home with a simple recipe that […]

Storing Cannabis: 5 Tips Once You Have Ordered Weed Online.

Storing Cannabis

Storing Cannabis After having your hand at your favourite weed, you might need to know how to store them. Just like aged wine or cheese, edibles too have an expiry date. Appropriate storage instructions will ensure their use for a long time. Just like all condiments, cannabis can also turn bad or mouldy or become […]

Weed Glossary: Useful Terms to Understand the Weed Culture

order weed online

Weed Glossary Many old terms and slangs in weed’s glossary are now outdated. These days, the terms are different from the last decade. People who smoke regularly are familiar with the new terms, but people who don’t smoke at all have no idea.  Nowadays, strains are more potent, and there are many options when it […]

Can Smoking Weed Next to Pets be Dangerous for Them?

Smoking Weed Next to Pets

Smoking Weed Next to Pets People who smoke worry about their pets and often take precautions while smoking around them. Smoking now and then doesn’t have many effects on pets. Regular smokers should take some precautions because too much exposure to weed smoke can be dangerous for your pet. Pets like dogs and cats have […]

Weed Grinder: What is it Used for and How to Use It?

Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder If you start smoking weed, you must question the weed grinders and how to use them. Grinders are an essential part of your smoking kit, and you can easily buy them in markets. To make a perfect mix without any lumps, you need a grinder. People often don’t buy grinders because they can […]

3 Best eye drops brands for dry eyes after smoking

Pink Kush Strain

Best Eye Drops It would be great to stay low- key when going out into the public after consuming marijuana. The only disadvantage of cannabis is the noticeable conditions after consuming it. Such as red eyes, dryness etc. Cannabis can affect your eyes as the eyes become dry. It is important to understand why and […]

Want To Make Edibles At Home In Canada? Here Are 5 Recipes.

make edibles

Let’s Make Edibles After the legalization process is over, now you surely want to delve into your weed. One way to obtain its maximum benefit while also indulging in fun flavours is to use your weed for cooking purposes. To make edibles is now a new art form! There are loads of recipes to make edibles […]