Want To Make Edibles At Home In Canada? Here Are 5 Recipes.

make edibles

Let’s Make Edibles

After the legalization process is over, now you surely want to delve into your weed. One way to obtain its maximum benefit while also indulging in fun flavours is to use your weed for cooking purposes. To make edibles is now a new art form!

There are loads of recipes to make edibles at home that are safe to eat and will satisfy your appetite too. There are several variants from cannabutter to the good old pot brownies. Cannabis-infused vanilla cake or you can use it for making tinctures or cannabis honey.

The options are many which can be limited by your creative imagination only.

Hop in today to read five special recipes to make edibles at home.

make edibles at home

1. Cannabutter edible recipe.

Everyone knows that every edible starts with a weed-infused ingredient as its base. Both THC and CBD are fat-soluble which means that they need some sort of fat medium to dissolve which can be used to make a large batch of edibles as per your requirement or need.

All you need is a weed, butter, water, cheesecloth, and a slow cooker over a stove. Mix all the ingredients in the cooker and leave it on the stove for a couple of hours. Strain it with cheesecloth and your delicious cannabutter is ready to be used.

2. Pot brownies recipe:

Pot brownies have been here since god knows when. You can use absolutely any recipe that you use for making brownies. But here is one point to consider instead of using regular butter or cooking oil for your brownies, switch them with cannabutter. The outcome will satiate your sweet tooth while enabling you to reap the benefit of the weed too.

make edibles

3. Cannabis coconut oil recipe:

Just like you can make your cannabis-infused cooking oil, you can also make your cannabis coconut oil. The taste is good enough when you infuse marijuana with coconut oil and it can serve as an excellent base for your edibles. Let your coconut oil fuse with weed on a slow cooker over a stovetop. When it has cooled down, sift it through cheesecloth and store in a dry place.

4. Cannabis honey recipe:

Honey has great therapeutic properties. These can be maximized when you infuse honey with cannabis. Ideal for putting in a cup of tea, over a dessert of your choice or it can taste great even on its own.

Take any honey of your choice and cook it on your slow cooker mixed with cannabis. When the concoction has cooled down, you can sieve it through cheesecloth and store it in a clean airtight jar. It will serve you well for a couple of months.

make your own edible

5. Cannabis-infused peanut butter recipe:

Peanut butter cookies include just the good old peanut butter, sugar, butter, and flour. A weed-infused peanut butter recipe leaves you with the space to add your favourite ingredient without overpowering it.

There are many more recipes to make edibles at home that you can try by infusing marijuana in one way or the other.

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