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Long before we started Order Weed Online (OWO) we were weed connoisseurs searching for the best smoke we could find. Along the way we made many friends who share our enthusiasm for top quality cannabis and we eventually started to source for our friends and family. Naturally we decided to turn in into a website where we can share our passion for the phenomenal experience that the cannabis we source here at Order Weed Online gives you. Its exactly that, we believe that great weed provides the user with an experience. This is our Journey and we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our dedication to this. its time to buy weed online.

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Enjoy our variety of strains whether you want something gassy or fruity and everything in between.

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Sometimes you need to be discrete, or you just want a little something with an extra kick.
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Living Soil

True Craft Cannabis, the benefits are clear with a better quality product with less environmental impact.
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For some, it’s all about convenience. Our vapes are easy to use and come in a variety of amazing strains.

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We will put one of our top notch products as a limited weekly special. Stay tuned to make sure that you don’t miss out before you do any other shopping!

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  • Animal Cookies (AAA) – Hybrid

    Most people use this strain for medical uses such as pain and insomnia, so it is a great healing strain. It also has a delightful mix of sweet and sour tastes. GSC and Fire OG are two great strains and Animal Cookie is a child of these two; because of that, Some people call it...
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